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Client Testimonials

Below are just a few testimonials from Law Firms, individual Solicitors & Notaries and UK who we have created websites for.

"Our decision to engage Simon was the best marketing investment we have made in the last two years.

Although we are a long-established firm, we have seen that we cannot rely on client loyalty alone: more and more people are searching the web for legal services.

Simon promised us a website that would deliver a substantial stream of new enquiries, and that is exactly what he has given us. He seems to understand our market very well, and I have always found him to be helpful and prompt."

Andrew McNeill, Frisby & Small

"We have worked with Simon now for over 12 months and in that time he has achieved exactly what he promised he would achieve for us as a firm.

We have seen the traffic to our website improve, the number of client enquiries from this source increase and we are consistently prominent on the search engines.

Simon responds quickly to any request from us to change or add to our website and is proactive in helping us to achieve more from the site."

Jackie Nicholson, Jarvis Family Law

"Simon designed and built a website for us which has taken us to the top of Google and heightened our profile to potential clients.

Simon has a unique combination of skills including Search Engine Optimisation, website design and the ability to write client focused content.

He has produced a website which brings in a substantial amount of new enquiries to the firm."

Brian Wrigley, Norrie Waite & Slater

"It is easy for lawyers to under-estimate the importance of a website that ranks high on Google. If you aren't at, or near to the top then you are unlikely to attract many enquiries. Simon got Graysons to the top."

"Simon has a broad range of personal and technical skills which combine to make him remarkably effective as a website developer and marketing manager."

John Hatfield, Graysons Solicitors

"Simon has helped me to create a web marketing tool that really works for my business. He is reliable and flexible, and has made the whole process really easy. He has helped to give my business a flying start."

Enrique Sanchez

"...your web site not only presents an excellent shop window for my services, it has vastly increased the number of my clients and the income stream from that element of my practice. I was fortunate indeed to take up the marketing opportunity you offered me at a very reasonable cost."

Victor Welsh

"I saw a steep increase in Notarial work. In short the website has been a huge success..."

Mark Evans

"My work as a Notary Public benefits immensely from Simon Goodlad's expertise and kind assistance. He is clearly indispensable. Simon's knowledge about the optimisation of professional websites stands him in good stead but the most significant attribute he possesses is his willingness and ability to ensure that his clients are well looked after! - I am hugely impressed by Simon's hands on attitude and his desire to retain the business of his ever growing clientele. Client retention is a skill as we lawyers are only too aware. Simon could teach us a few lessons on this as he is impressively dedicated to client satisfaction. It is my aim to continue to utilise his services for the long haul"

Abess Taqi

"Simon has produced an excellent website for me which has created a very professional profile for my new practice and has not only put me at the top of the local google rankings but kept me there. His fees are very reasonable and I would not hesitate to recommend to colleagues and indeed have already done so."

Noel Chapman

"I carefully monitored the impact of the website and found that it provided an immediate and sustained good source of clients."

"I found Simon's straightforward approach and confidence in his service (which was reflected in the minimal initial financial commitment requested from me) to be in marked contrast to other website providers."

Steven McCallister

"I have had nothing but favourable feedback on the website you created for me with clients saying how clear and well set out the site is. I am and have always been very pleased with the site and believe that it has given me a heightened profile on search engines and brought me a steady stream of work."

Margaret Masterson

"We have seen a marked increase in appointments with our Notaries in both offices since setting up these bespoke websites. Simon has provided a consistently efficient and timely service."

Nick Symington

"From the moment I started advertising with the website Simon created, I saw a huge increase in enquiries."

Kuddus Ali

"We are very satisfied with the way in which our website was set up and are pleased with the marketing edge which it has given to us."

Steven Frieze

"Since this website has been in action, having been provided by you in all its aspects, I have now received on a daily basis an unprecedented amount of telephone calls and e-mails by way of enquiries for work."

Stuart Capel

"Simon promised that after a few weeks he would get me to the top of the Google list for my area. He did and he continues to keep me there. That has resulted in an increase in the number of enquiries that I have received for Notarial advice and a rise in fee income."

Richard Smith

"I was doubtful when Simon Goodlad was recommended to me as a person to increase Internet enquiries that he would be able to do so.
After a year since he created a new website for us and has taken steps to optimise our presence for online searches made for Notaries, we have certainly noticed a much larger number of enquiries via the Internet."

Anthony Northey

"I was due to retire as a Solicitor but wished to continue to practise as a Notary. I had little faith in a website's ability to bring in any appreciable business but could think of no other cost effective alternative to getting my details out there before the public at large. I engaged Simon and for what I considered to be a very reasonable fee and little or no work on my part I received just what I wanted a clear simple concise and I think stylish site giving all my potential customers everything they need to find me. Now, a year on my business has increased considerably. I am very satisfied."

Jeremy Howes

"The website has brought in a steady stream of enquires and new clients. It has helped raise the profile of my business. I have always found Simon very helpful and I am particularly impressed with his professionalism and knowledge."

David Guille

"With your website I noticed a significant increase in the number of notary clients contacting me and making appointments each week."

Kevin Burke

"Simon provided an excellent web site which has been much appreciated by my clients. He made the whole procedure easy to understand and was totally professional in his approach on the initial set up and was able to tailor my requested updates. The site has led to a significant increase in client enquiries.."

Vic Oddy

"For a long time I was interested in setting up my own website, but the many different organisations and products had put me off. I responded to Simon Goodlad's email, as I found it more straightforward. My notary business has certainly benefitted. Following the website set-up, which was a simple process, the number of enquiries increased and the cost has easily paid for itself."

Jonathan Foy

"My practice has leapt forward since I started working with you, so its good stuff, thanks Simon!"

Neil Parsonage

"Simon promised to create a website that would be easy to use and that would keep me at the top of Google listings in my area. He certainly fulfilled this and continues to do so, with little input from me."

Kali Dosanj

"Simon has been enormously helpful to me in establishing my notarial practice over the last nine months. I first engaged him in December, 2012. In that time Simon has caused me to have many frequent visits to my website and provides regular statistics showing the number of "hits" my website achieves. I thoroughly recommend his services!

Peter Lowe

"Having for a number of years thought it unlikely that a website could boost my Notarial practice, I was eventually persuaded to give it a try, and following a recommendation turned to Simon Goodlad. Simon has been very helpful and has designed a website which has clearly generated quite a significant number of enquiries. He has contrived to keep my name near the top of Google, and I am delighted with the resulting increase in business. I have no hesitation in recommending him"

Robert Harris

"Simon did all the work in getting the website up and running and made it very easy. It was quickly ranked highly in Google searches and has brought a good stream of enquiries that I may not otherwise have had. The site is proving very good value for money"

David Woods

"I was reluctant to set up a website, but now wish I had arranged to do this earlier! Simon made the process very easy and my notarial work has more than doubled since we launched the site. I have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Alastair Caisley

"Simon really improved client traffic for my business in a short period of time! Reasonable fees! Money well spent!"

Hesham Sharkawi

" I am more than happy to endorse the service provided by Simon, my notarial work has substantially increased since the website has been in place . The service has been prompt and efficient as well as being good value for money"

Maureen Cawthorn

"Thanks Simon. Still getting results. Very pleased with what has been achieved."

Peter Laverick

"I have used simon to create my website and optimise it for the last 3 years. I have experienced a noticable increase in the amount of work I receive and often receive compliments on my website"

Paul Wintle

"From the outset I was impressed by the way that Simon targeted notary services to specific areas and had the websites up and running before he marketed them. I'm glad to use his services and hope to do so for the foreseeable future."

Kevin Beach

"As a new Notary I found Simon to be a guiding Hand in obtaining new business, just could not have achieved the number of Clients I have without him"

M Shabir

"I am very happy with the services of website design and maintenance provided by Simon Goodlad. I agreed what I believe to be a low monthly fee with him for which he designed my website, indulged in the 'dark arts' of website design to bring my website up to the top of the local listings and has continued to maintain it thereafter without any propting from me.

I am delighted to recommend Simon's services to my fellow lawyers."

Bernard Cordell

"I have found that Simon has been extraordinarily responsive, effective and efficient webmaster since we have been working together, for a number of years. He has increased my workload as a notary: such an increase in notarial assignments, is most welcome as a notary of course."

J Gibson