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We are specialists in creating websites for Law Firms and Solicitors in the UK.
We can help you with Website Design and Build and also in achieving high Google rankings so that your website brings in new business.


Since 2009 we have been creating websites for Law Firms and Solicitors in the UK.
As we specialise only in the UK legal sector we understand your business and the regulatory requirements you need to satisfy;
we can therefore provide a much more specialised service than most web design firms.
Our experience in producing so many websites for UK Law Firms also means that we know what content will help you to produce an effective marketing tool for your business.


"Your web site not only presents an excellent shop window for my services, it has vastly increased the number of my clients and the income stream from that element of my practice. I was fortunate indeed to take up the marketing opportunity you offered me at a very reasonable cost."

Victor Welsh

"Our decision to engage Simon was the best marketing investment we have made in the last two years... Simon promised us a website that would deliver a substantial stream of new enquiries, and that is exactly what he has given us. He seems to understand our market very well, and I have always found him to be helpful and prompt."

Andrew McNeill, Frisby & Small

"My practice has leapt forward since I started working with you, so its good stuff, thanks"

Neil Parsonage


We create modern, mobile responsive websites which adapt to work seamlessly on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

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We only build websites for Law Firms

We are not a general website design agency.

Because we specialise only in UK Law Firms, we understand your business and your clients. We know what your clients will search for in Google and how to marry that up with the content on your website so that you appear in the search results.

Modern website design that works on all devices

If your current website is more than 5 years old it may look out of date.

All websites are now required by Google to be mobile friendly. That is, they should adapt to work seamlessly on smart phones and tablets as well as desktop computers and laptops. If your site does not do this it will not provide a good user experience for the person using it and it may suffer lower rankings in the Google search results.

What does Websites for Law Firms offer?

  • Website design - the website has to look good to be attractive to clients and represent your practice in the best light
  • Search Engine Optimisation - rank high in Google to receive new client enquiries
  • Unique and compelling content - We can write content (we have years of experience working for UK Law Firms) or you can provide your own

Do you need a website that generates new business?

We are specialists in building websites for Solicitors and UK Law Firms. We have many years experience in building websites which produce results for UK Law Firms of all sizes.

The websites we build for UK Law Firms are successful because we are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Simply put, that is the art of getting a website to rank high up in Google's search results.

How are you different to other website companies?

Most web design firms do not specialise in a particular industry. They are often great at design, but are unlikely to understand your business or your clients.

This means that they will be far more reliant on you to provide them with content and also to spend time educating them about your business. That is time you do not have to spare. With us you can hit the ground running and get your website up and running much more quickly.

We specialise in creating and optimising websites for Solicitors. We understand your business.

How much does a Law Firm website cost?

The cost of a website can be tailored to the size of your firm and what you hope to achieve. From a sole trader or small firm all the way up to a large firm with branches in a number of towns.

We will provide a tailor made no obligation quote. Contact us for a quotation.